Decorate with Tomatoes!

With a little ingenuity, cherry or grape tomatoes can make an interesting and fun kid’s treat, a fancy  hors d’oeuvres, an appealing appetizer  or decoration for your table. Check out some of these… Continue reading

Ketchup or Catsup?

Did you know -Henry J. Heinz began making ketchup in 1876 but he was neither the inventor nor the first to bottle it. His recipe remains the same to this day. When Henry… Continue reading

Ketchup Highlights?

Want some beautiful natural-looking red highlights in your hair?  Try a ketchup rinse!  Seriously.  Pour it into hair, work it in well, then let it rest for ten minutes.  Rinse clean and dazzle… Continue reading

An 1801 Recipe for Catsup

Ketchup was popular long before fresh tomatoes were.  Many Americans continued to question whether it was safe to eat raw tomatoes. However, they were much less hesitant to eat tomatoes as part of… Continue reading

Catsup Cleaner – Who Knew?

Catsup cleans brass, and copper, and silver. Our ancestors may have known this secret and used it all along. I have noticed how clean my pots look after cooking tomatoes.  It is because… Continue reading