Cute Turkey Bites

   OREO TURKEY FAVORS How cute is this?  Oreos, candy corn, malted milk ball and a peanut butter   cup.  Easy too – just use a little frosting to stick them together. This idea… Continue reading

How Do You Transport a Pumpkin?

Strap it in and dare it not to move.   That’s how one mom safely transported her pumpkin home. But what if it’s over a ton? A Really “Great Pumpkin” Last year’s winner,… Continue reading

How to Prepare Fresh Pumpkin Pie

It’s pumpkin pie time again – and there’s nothing better than the smell of spicy pumpkin pie baking in the oven. Smaller pie or sweet pumpkins (the size of a baseball or melon)… Continue reading

How to Ripen Green Tomatoes

Once night time temperatures start dipping into the low 70s F, you probably aren’t going to get any new fruits forming. To speed up ripening of the existing green tomatoes, pinch off any… Continue reading

What Do You Do with Green Tomatoes?

If there’s a lot of green tomatoes left at the end of the season, what do you do with them?  I love breaded green fried tomatoes (with cucumbers). It is an acquired taste,… Continue reading

Craving the Simple

I didn’t think we were poor.  We had meat every Sunday and a bath every Saturday night.  I looked forward to Easter and Christmas because that meant I would get a new dress… Continue reading

Homemade Catsup and Tomato Soup

Tomatoes, tomatoes!  What would I do with them all?  It was such a great year for tomato yield with just the right amount of sunshine and rain, we gathered several bushels full.   I… Continue reading

Old-Fashioned Fresh Cream of Tomato Soup

The secret is to let the tomato mixture cool before adding the milk.  Then, reheat. MADE FROM JUICE OR WHOLE TOMATOES Ingredients 2 Tbsps butter 1 onion (chopped) 2 Tbsps all-purpose flour 1… Continue reading

Ketchup from Mushrooms and Walnuts?

Did you know?  Even though catsup, or ketchup has been around for ages, it wasn’t always made from tomatoes. The Webster’s Dictionary of 1913 defined ‘catchup’ as: “table sauce made from mushrooms, tomatoes,… Continue reading

Fresh Tomatoes From the Garden

Eating healthier may always be a challenge, but summer makes it easy. Fresh tomatoes out of the garden provide great nutrients and health benefits. Ripened ruby tomatoes not only taste wonderful, but also… Continue reading