Homemade Tomato Facials

Would you put tomato juice on your face?  The acid in the tomatoes is actually good for your face to reduce large pores. Tomatoes are a treasure of riches when it comes to… Continue reading

Fun Cucumber Dishes

What is Tzatziki? Tzatziki (pronounced za-ZEE-kee) is a traditional Greek side dish/sauce made with Greek yogurt and cucumber. It is a great-tasting, cool sauce for grilled spiced meats, a dressing for zesty Greek… Continue reading

Five Weird Uses for Cucumbers

There's more to a cucumber than just good taste, beautifying product or a time-all cure. There a few weird uses as well!

Cucumber Cures

You may have a superfood growing in your garden, or in your refrigerator! It's the super fruit that can aid in many cures.

Cucumber Curiosities

There are many interesting facts about the "cool" cucumber. How many do you know?

The Best Way to Cook Corn on the Cob?

Is there an easy way to cook and shuck corn? You bet!

Deviled Easter Chicks

Is it hard to know what to do with all the Easter eggs left behind? Egg salad can only go so far and maybe your kids won’t eat a plain egg salad sandwich.… Continue reading

Homemade Sour Cream

Did you know you can make your own sour cream with only two or three ingredients? It’s easy! All you need is: 2 cups whipping cream 2 Tablespoons of buttermilk (What? No buttermilk? … Continue reading

Homemade Sweetened Condensed Milk

How frustrating to be in the middle of making a dish to find the one ingredient you need is not in the cupboard.  I came across a great recipe for making sweetened condensed… Continue reading

DIY Anti-Aging Cream

If you could find an anti-aging cream that would smooth your skin and make it glow, would you use it?  If it reduced roughness, dryness, and helped to remove unwanted spots and pimples,… Continue reading