Zucchini Fries with Onion Dip

It’s Zucchini time again!  Bags of zucchini are found here and there, everywhere — in the workplace cafeteria, on my front step, by the mailbox . Everyone wants to share their abundance of zucchini gone wild.zucchini fries

Cora Yarnal, award-winning Independent Advanced Director of Pampered Chef, shares this wonderful recipe for healthy zucchini fries.

coraCut your zucchini into julienne strips. Make an “egg wash” by whipping an egg with a tiny bit of milk. Dip the strips into the egg wash, and then toss in a mixture of ground flax seed and regular Panko Crumbs. Bake at 350 degrees until browned and crispy.

For a tasty dipping sauce, use Dairy Free Sour Cream and Pampered Chef 3 Onion Rub. YUM

When you want a more crunchable treat to soothe your munchies, try crispy seasoned chips. Simply slice zucchini paper-thin and bake at a slow temp. These have cumin and spicy paprika for seasoning, although you could try a wide variety of seasonings.