Carrot Pizza – and Other Fun Easter Treats

Carrot pizzaAdd some fun, healthy treats to your child’s lunchbox or after-school treats this Easter.
How about a carrot pizza? Shape crescent dough in the shape of a carrot, add a cream cheese topping, then cover with shredded  carrots with broccoli for a stem.

Easy to do, delicious to eat – and good for you!  (Found on


“Carrots” made from crescent roll dough. Wind the dough around a cone to bake, then fill with egg salad. Top off with a lettuce leaf for a beautiful brunch treat.

Baby Chick Cheese Balls


Easy cheese ball chicks are coated with finely-shredded cheese have black olive eyes and carrot beak and feet. Recipes for taco cheese ball and other flavors can be found at A great appetizer before the Easter meal!

Bunny Cream PuffsMake cute little bunnies with cream puffs with marshmallow ears, licorice for whiskers and candy for their noses. They could be made as a dessert with pudding or cream as a filling, or as an appetizer filled with egg or tuna salad. (Found on EGG CHICKS

Make eating eggs fun with pop-up chicks! Olives for eyes and cheese wedge for beak. Or, decorate hard-boiled eggs with carrots and peppers to get the rooster effect. (Raisins and nuts make up the rooster’s feed)!Rooster eggs

Jeweled eggsJeweled eggs are dazzling with layered jello in an egg mold and just as fun to eat! Use a baking syringe to layer the jello. Found on (because parenting is a trip)!

Sometimes it’s hard to get your kids to eat healthy, but with a little extra prep work to make the food look fun and appealing, you may be surprised how quick they gobble it up!