Watermelon Sculptures and Baskets

Extreme artisans – watermelon designers from all over the world competed in the watermelon carving expo in the Czech Republic a few years ago. The 2008 Melounovy Festival had some marvelous contenders. Amazing talent.

Watermelon dragon

Found on carvingnations.deviantart.com

man in watermelon

watermelon dragon head

Click on the dragon head to see the video

Watermelon Owl

Found on buzzfeed.com







I’ve seen them on banquet tables and on cruise ships. They are beautiful centerpieces on a food island – tons of time and patience in carving – who would want to cut into it and eat it? The creator of the dragon and roses said he simply wanted to celebrate the Chinese New Year with something spectacular. The exquisite dragon head above took hours to complete. Sadly, these works of art only last a couple days.

Create a Watermelon Basket

It may be easier to create a more efficient watermelon basket to hold your fruit at a party or picnic. Your carved creation serves a dual purpose. It not only gives a pretty presentation, it becomes a bowl to hold fruit. And, it doesn’t take quite as much time as those above. Here are four easy ones to do. Find more ideas for baskets, animals, holidays, and more at watermelon.org. The most popular, and perhaps the easiest is the popular Americana Basket featuring red, white and blue. Starfruit or bananas can serve as the white fruit. Cut stars from watermelon with a star cookie cutter.


Found on watermelon.org


Three Steps to Choose the Perfect Watermelon

  1. Choose a ripe, heavy watermelon. How do you know if it’s ripe? Ripe watermelons have a light yellow spot on the bottom where it was attached to the stem.
  2. Find a dark green watermelon, light green is unripe.
  3. Choose a watermelon with a round or oval shape.

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