Fun Halloween Treats

Some fun ways to treat your trick-or-treaters this year.

Cut a cookie in half. Frost the two halves with red icing. Stack mini- marshmallows in between and squish together. Almond slivers serve as fangs. Yum.

dracula dentures

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Fill clear plastic gloves with candy corn, M&Ms, peanuts, granola or other candies.

Treat hands

Candy-filled sweet hands – Found on

Fudge-striped shortbread cookies with a candy kiss attached to the underside with orange frosting make a quick and easy witch’s hat.

Witches Hats

Witch’s hats


Ice twist pretzels with orange frosting topped with a green M&M for quick and easy pumpkin pretzels. It almost looks like a ghost’s face inside – do you see it?

Pretzel Pumpkins

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Whether you use cupcakes or peanutbutter cups, these cute owls are made easily with an open face Oreo (r) cookie.  M&Ms finish the job for eyes and beak.

Owl cupcakes

Cute owl cupcakes- found on media-cache

If you would rather have healthier treats – there’s one for you too.  Click here!