Cucumber Curiosities

DID YOU KNOW? Cucumbers were found in the ancient city of Ur in Egypt in Biblical times. 

Round Apple Cucumber

Round Apple Cucumber

 “We remember the fish we ate in Egypt at no cost–also the cucumbers, melons, leeks, onions and garlic.” [Numbers 11:5 -New International Version].

DID YOU KNOW?  The Roman Emperor Tiberius is said to have eaten cucumber all year around. They grew them in winter in “hothouses”. It is said the Romans used cucumbers to treat scorpion bites, bad eyesight, and to scare away mice. Wives wishing for children wore them around their waists. They were also carried by the midwives, and thrown away when the child was born.

DID YOU KNOW? Cucumbers are botanically described as a FRUIT, not a vegetable.

DID YOU KNOW? Some varieties of cucumbers are round! The apple cucumber can grow to be about the size of an apple, with creamy white, sweet flesh, and mild taste. Originally from New Zealand.

DID YOU KNOW? China supplies most of the world with cucumbers?

DID YOU KNOW? The Latin word, “cucumer” is the sub-word for Green (Cuc) Grower (Umer)